bird 2019

Part of a project by me at the museum/gallery where I work! Scan_comnp_26082019

3. By nici Preston 2018

so much came through the tunnel it wasn’t that near it seemed different inside and when you spoke to me I tried to concentrate if a vendetta had occurred I didn’t notice ❤️

The self cont. By Nici

the placement of the self in a situation outside the structures of the gestalt, the heimlich, can create a new memory, a new visualisation that can interact with other parts of the self ☮️

The self by nici

The self is a powerful word, what Denotes the self?  From the mirror stage we learn to observe ourselves, the gestalt of this experience encompasses our world and the world 🌍 of others.  The signifier’s interaction is an outside experience wanted or unwanted that will affect us.

Dream song By nici preston💕2019

non allured for – you okay – it’s a very strange – emotional – response – only – if he saw – when it was given happily – it seemed pleasant and actually- I respected so much – then I saw – it seemed closed – and a very near door was – he behind it  – I prayed he was – I prayed and I spent so often working on my working, working on the concepts- working on the vocal ability of the song… a song for dreaming

Unfolding day – dream by nici Preston 🌈🍒

And that caused a riot… we know now how to press his buttons – seriously I have never seen someone eat half a Victoria sponge cake 🍰 with such glee… maybe he was being polite (pause) maybe he hadn’t eaten for a while, he was pretty thin, anyhow he liked it, he went away smiling and he and I are going to the late night deep house clubbing night next Friday… it’s just,,, what about Don… he’s so dreamy ✨ and thankfully he had a car